Puzzle game for kids

Choose the wrong sizes and the scale will be unbalanced!
Use problem solving skills, logical game thinking and a healthy dose of puzzle strategy to solve everything from simple jigsaw puzzles puzzle to more complex number problems.Dot-to-dot puzzles, circle Puzzles, kids mix Puzzles, shape Puzzles.This helps develop your toddlers fine motor skills in having to drag game objects from one location to another.Whether they are jigsawpuzzles or brain teasers these great learning games for children are appropriate for all levels of education: preschool, kindergarten, or school.If you're looking for an effective way to keep your children quiet and entertained at the same puzzle time, try out new jigsaw puzzles for Android.Match Three kids - Your kid will be presented with a pattern of 3 images and will have to correctly find that pattern amongst a larger grid of images. This helps to netgear develop your kids ability to correctly group images with xpress their category (such as cake to a bakery or game a car to a road).
This is a fun and adapter educational virtual animal puzzle assistant learning game for parents to use to take care of preschool children and toddlers.
This helps your child to develop counting and reading windows skills, in addition to basic memory skills.
Solve some puzzles and have a lot of fun!
Animal puzzles in this free kids app can be a nice pastime and a perfect opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children.
On the other hand, looking at jigsaw puzzle pieces or pictures constantly helps us practice visualization, which is again good aid for any physical activity that succeeds mental activity.
Judge the Weights - Choose from a variety of different sized images the correct sizes that will balance the scale.Have you got what it takes?Be it 3 year old kids, boys, girls or adults, one thing is for sure everyone will enjoy playing these awesome mind teasers with puzzle pictures.Ready for some jigsaws?Learn names and sounds, while playing many different transportation puzzles some of them are planes, train, kids police car, school bus, truck, ship, space rocket, fire engine, hot air balloon and horse cart.

Join the Dots - Your child will develop counting skills and hand-eye-cordination by joining dots from 1 through.
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Memorize The Images - Your child will have a puzzle game for kids few seconds to memorize all the images on screen before being asked to correctly identify those images from a bigger set of images.