Neverwinter nights 2 character builder spreadsheet

2: Adds uncanny character dodge.
3) Mages will probably go 14DEX naturally.CON 12 INT 14 WIS 14 (needs a 5WIS item or better) CHA 10 All pumps go to builder DEX.E) builder BadBard Bard16/Blackguard3/Fighter1, Human, evil, non lawful BadBard is spreadsheet a solid bard build that relies on pre-battle buffs.With motb, sorcs now can retain solid casting power and also fight relatively well by multi-classing character to Pally, Blackguard, Eld Knight, and even Red Dragon.Barbarian - rage is nice, as is the faster movement bonus.Some more fighter levels would add bonus feats that would be promoted to epic.F2) Tuffie Reworked - Dwarf Here is the rework, abusing bard/RDD10 like everyone else nights does.Shield Bonus - This is the total armor from a shield.Unfortunately, most builder of these will require you to rebuild the character.This basically says that you get the same number of offhand attacks as mainhand attacks!For stat-heavy builds (cleric/fighter, etc) human is better.A strange monk/wpnmaster dexfighter is weak on a low magic world. Avoid anything past level 3 in shadowdancer.
You have garbage DC now, but can use games clerical fighting games buffs instead.
I got 50 CHA in test and version received the full 20AB to spreadsheet my smite, despite already decked out with buffs and 5 weapon.
Here is the short version: -Warriors with great strength and/or frenzied berserker go 2hander.
Warlock 1 is used for Dark Ones Own Luck, which also pumps survey saves and apparantly can be cast in full armor.
15 rdd - Extended Rage Increase tumble to 20, and UMD to 11, as you level.
There are many modules for NWN, some with mighty magical items, research and others with weak items.
It includes a build example at the end.O) Fighter - An excellent class that is taken for free feats, and access to weapon and armor feats, including tower shield for defensive types.25d6 damage) Many buffs max out at level 20, which is doable with 16 games caster levels and the practiced caster feat.With 12 wis and dex, the base AC rises to 30!Hence, one needs to hit hard to make that extra attack worth.Example build1: Drow 10w/10ek/8f/2ass This is a dualwielding fighting focused build.The damage reduction is still pretty powerful, so this character class works well for a more defensively oriented warrior.

Take Luck of Heroes feat.
Dwarf - Decent, but 2CON isnt worth -2INT, -1 feat, -1CHA in my opinion.
Hence, neverwinter nights 2 character builder spreadsheet it is not always a good idea to sacrifice shield for a 2hander.