Gothic 3 german patch

When the hero wants to give Wilson too much gold for the quest "Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gothic gold coins the quest will be solved succesfully.
Wenn das Questpaket 4 deinstalliert wird, muss ein neues Spiel gestartet werden.I recommend only checking installing the following: CM3.0(without_QP_Quests pre_Alpha_1_4 *World_Textures, hero_Head_Mods *New_Hero_Head(CM menu_Mods *Orig_G3_HUD New_Monster_Look gothic *Select patch None Gothic_2_Orc_Mods german *NO_Gothic2_Orcs No_Logo_Videos Enhanced_Visibility *only check this 6: Download gothic apply 4GB Patch ( link ) *This only works on a 64bit.When the hero stalemates a mage, the NPC will switch to close combat.Guru when rendering CubeMaps patch resolved.Humans don't sit on orc thonres.The hero doesn't die from poison during arena german fights or "friendly" duels. The hero loses slightly less stamina when running sciences than before.
Yussuf is answer now sitting on top of the sand instead of halfway inside.
Link download and run 2: Download install Community Patch - Supplemental Update Pack for.75 (.
NPCs who are removed from the game after liberations do not block things anymore.
The scavengers on Mitch's way to the trolls have been repositioned.
Combat - NPCs who attack the hero will suffer "collateral damage" during the hero's attacks.
To reduce savegame errors, a temporary savegame is used to save answer data, and then the desired keygen savegame will be overwritten.
Fixed small logical errors in dialogs with Abe, Asam, Bram, Emet, Folleck, Giacomo, Grompel, Hector, Inog, Julio, Kafa, Kerth, Marik, Potros, Pranck, german Runak, Sugut, Tangach, Trompok, Wilson and Zapotek.Mainly messed up dialog sequences and quests have been fixed up to now.NPCs who support the hero during the liberation of Braga, Mora Sul or Trelis army don't feel developers threatened by the heros weapon.Mason, Daryl, Otis and Sanford aid in liberating the city when the hero asks one of them for help after he prepared the revolution properly.Enemies won't hit from too far away so episode often.Fixed the messages regarding boosts of life, mana, or endurance points of the quests For Innos!