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I will post an image, so that you are able to understand, what I'm talking about: This Black field should be menu transparent.Hello Everybody, I've decided to use Mog's Monogatari Menu script, but I have some problems with making the background transparent. 12/26/2011 04:32 PM Yanfly maker Engine
(For a variable-width stroke, the insert width attribute contains a whitespace-separated succession of floating-point values: first the nominal brush width, and then the width of each successive segment forming the stroke.) The list of coordinates is simply a succession of floating-point values, separated by whitespace.Once you have found
Stack protection, the IAR C/C compiler for workbench RH850 now supports stack workbench protection.The compiler and libraries now support the latest C standard ISO/IEC 14882:2014. Renesas Smart Configurator is a standalone tool workbench for automatically generating control programs (device driver programs) for peripheral embedded modules in accordance with
What is consistency transmitter and describe its working? What is the meaning of questions slope in PH transmeter?What is mean by live zero and dead zero?Which of the following is an undesirable dynamic characteristic of an instrument?How an rtd work, and what volts/current goes to a RTD to
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